Nursing Assistant

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Nursing Assistants work under the supervision of a nurse and provide assistance to patients with daily living tasks. Working closely with patients, nursing assistants are responsible for basic care services such as bathing, grooming and feeding patients, assisting nurses with medical equipment, and checking patient vital signs. Nursing Assistants give patients important social and emotional support and provide vital information on patient conditions to nurses.

Nursing Assistant curriculum

Nursing Assistant Clock Hours Credits
Theory Lab/Clinical Credits
Nursing Assistant 60 Hours 100 Hours


Upon completion of the Nursing Assistant Program, the student will be eligible to take the certification by the State of California and be able to:

Provide nursing care

Provide nursing care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes or long-term care settings.

Perform comfort and personal care measures

Perform comfort and personal care measures in the health/home care setting.

Provide Basic Support

Provide basic emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual support to clients in the health/home care settings.

Cooperate with the health care team

Cooperate with the health care team members to coordinate delivery of nursing assistant care and seek guidance when necessary.

Exhibit professional conduct

Exhibit professional conduct, appearance, and ethical behavior when providing nursing assistant care.

Demonstrate skills

Demonstrate skills which provide for the restorative needs of clients.

Demonstrate effective written/oral communication

Demonstrate effective written/oral communication in maintaining relationship with clients, families, and other health care members.

Rights of The Clients

Maintain the rights of clients.

Perform nursing assistant care

Perform nursing assistant care with regard to the principles of infection control.

Perform basic emergency procedure

Perform basic emergency procedure for all aged clients.

Demonstrate procedures in a safe therapeutic manner

Demonstrate procedures in a safe therapeutic manner in the health/home care setting to meet federal/state mandates.

Driving Techniques

Demonstrate defensive driving techniques.

Conduct a self-inventory of personal strengths

Conduct a self-inventory of personal strengths for the purpose of improving performance.

Identify the similarities/differences in the role of the nursing assistant

Identify the similarities/differences in the role of the nursing assistant in the health care setting and the role of the health nursing aide in the home care setting.

Admission Requirements

Applicant must:

1. Be at least 16 years of age. If applicant is 16 years of age, parental consent is required.
2. Complete and pass the scholastic level exam (Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam). Acceptable passing score is 13.
3. Submit completed physical examination report, and TB test or chest X-ray report. TB test must be done within the last 6 months. Chest X-ray is needed if tested positive for TB. Chest X-ray reports is valid for 2 years. Submit Immunization records and Influenza vaccine.
4. Sign a disqualifying penal code.
5. Pass a criminal background check and drug screening.
6. Submit valid ID

The final determination for admission is based on entrance test results, prior education, motivation, work experience, appropriate attitude, placement potential, and general attitude for the chosen field. Applicants are assessed on an individual basis to determine the prospective student’s ability to successfully complete the program of study.

Previous training (vocational nursing) at a state-approved school will be considered with respect to the respective program upon demonstration of proficiency. The student must present his/her evidence of training in these areas and pass hands-on and terminology tests. Appropriate credit (not to exceed 50% of program hours) may be offered. This determination will be made and documented jointly by the School Director and respective instructors.

The school reserves the right to change tuition and fees, make curricular changes as necessary, and make substitutions in books and supplies as required without prior notice. Any changes in tuition or fees will not affect a student already in attendance or enrolled.

All applicants are required to complete a personal interview with the Program Director or designee prior to signing an Enrollment Agreement. Personal interviews give the Program Director an opportunity to conclude an applicant’s qualifications for enrollment in any program.

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