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The Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) (RN – BSN) Program is open to licensed registered nurses (RN) who have completed their associate degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing from an accredited nursing program. This will provide them opportunity to advance their educational career and wholly understand the concept of holistic praxis, think critically, and serve as catalysts or leaders in any health care and nursing practice or medical field.

RN to BSN Curriculum

RN to BSN Program Curriculum Plan


Course No. &  Course Title Hours Clinical/Preceptorship Credit Hours
Eng325: Writing for Publication in Nursing 48 3
Hum 335: Transcultural Diversity 64 4
N 350:  Health Promotions Across Lifespan 80 5
Mgmt365: The Adult Learner 48 3
N 380: Informative Action and Theory Transition 64 4
N 390: Nutrition and Human Metabolism 80 5
N 400: Concept of Critical Thinking 48 3
N 410: Religion in Healthcare 64 4
N 420: Community and Global Health 80 5
N 430:  Contemporary Nursing 48 3
N 435: Evidence Based Practice Research 64 4
N 440: Concepts of Case Management 80 5
N 450: Community Practicum* 16 96 3
N 460: Holistic Nursing Capstone 64 4
N 470: Leadership and Management* 48 96 5


Total 896 Hrs 192Hrs 60 Credit Hours
Theory Hours (1=1 Clock Hr )Clinical/Preceptorship Hrs (1=3 Clock Hrs)


Requirement for RN to BSN Program:

To be admitted into the RN to BSN Program, all incoming students must have RN license with Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN). Students with RN License and ADN will automatically transfer 60 credit hours satisfying 30 lower level division of required concentration, 27 to 30 hours of general education, and 3 hours of electives as needed to satisfy the 60 credit hours to be transferred.

Medical Allied Career Center will provide the other 60 credit hours upper level division courses of the 120 credit hours required to earn the baccalaureate degree in nursing to fulfill the ABHES requirement under Standard VI.C.6.a,at a minimum 120 credit hours will be required in order for students to earn the baccalaureate degree in nursing.

Documents needed to enroll in the program:

  • Current and active RN license to practice nursing.
  • Minimum of 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale from the official transcript of the Associate Degree in Nursing.
  • Copy of AssociatesDegree in Nursing.
  • Complete the required online orientation live video conference before enrolling in the first nursing course if enrolled as an online student.
  • All students must complete the program orientation module prior to beginning the program.
  • Show proof of legal residence in the United States.

All students enrolled in the RN-BSN program must enroll in the community practicum and the leadership and management course before they can graduate. The instructors responsible for these courses and the program coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that students in every location complete their practicum with their selected preceptor. The instructor will communicate with preceptors and students via email and phone call.  The following are some of the expectations and criteria for these two practicum courses:

  • Online students must select their clinical sites and mentor (preceptor) prior to the beginning of the program and receive approval from the school.(Approval process takes time, students who plan to have their preceptorship in their place of work will need to ask their Education Department if it will be allowed. Although, the practicum will not be until the last semester of the RN to BSN Program the school’s policy is to have the preceptorship to be formally in place to ensure students’ success in the program.)
  • Community Practicum requires 96 hours of preceptorship(This Community Practicum preceptorship will satisfy the CA Board of Registered of Nursing’s Public Health Certification requirement upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
  • Leadership and Management requires 96 hours of preceptorship(Graduates of our RN to BSN Program are being prepared to become leaders in their field. This preceptorship will expose our students in a professional setting observing, learning and participating in a leadership role in healthcare.
  • Prior to start of the semester containing the two subjects with preceptorship, students must submit the scheduled hours approved by their employer to be verified by the school and upo completion of verification to be approved by the school.

(The schedule must be submitted with the preceptor’s resume and contact information in order to receive feedbacks and evaluation form from the mentor and submit copy of active nursing license of preceptor.)

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